Libera Me Fanfare For Freedom For Symphony Orchestra 2017

Libera Me Fanfare For Freedom For Symphony Orchestra 2017

The genesis of this piece came as a result of the planning of the world premiere of my Violin Concerto at Carnegie Hall with maestra Amy Andersson. Amy asked me if I had an overture to open the program that was centered around the concerto, but unfortunately I didn’t have one. Copland’s Fanfare for the Common Man was programmed. I vowed to have one composed and ready as a concert opener for future performances.

Within a few weeks after the successful violin concerto premiere, I began work on a new fanfare. In consideration of Copland’s ever so popular fanfare, I learned that his work was a wartime composition; we live in different times and a fanfare for liberation and freedom is more reflective of what our nation and the world needs today. Hence, Libera Me (“free me”), a Fanfare for Freedom was born.

This short piece has three sections, which are reflective of humankind’s struggle for freedom. Part 1 touches upon the pain and agony of the captivity of the human spirit. Part 2 centers on the struggle to break free and gain freedom. In part 3, the human spirit has become free and in great celebration, and rises up in triumph to end the piece.



Gabriel Fontrier – America’s Nadia Boulanger

France had Boulanger. In the USA, there was Gabriel Fontrier. A student and colleague of the late Karol Rathaus,  he learned and passed on to hundreds of young musicians the great art and techniques of music composition created by Haydn and passed down through the generations. Those that knew him loved him deeply. His kind and gentle nature provided just the right venue for the dissemination of a body of knowledge on music making I have yet to see described in any textbook on what makes great music great, and how to create it.

I had the great honor of writing his biography for the memorial concert in December 1999.  Here it is below.

Gabriel Fontrier Bio

World Premiere At Carnegie Hall – Lebetkin Violin Concerto – October 7, 2017

Orchestra Moderne NYC

Amy Andersson, Music Director and Conductor

Momoko Wong, Soloist

Witness the debut of New York’s game changing ensemble: Orchestra Moderne NYC. Featuring Overture to Light by Emmy winning composer Lolita Ritmanis, the world premiere of Steven Lebetkin’s Violin Concerto with soloist Momoko Wong and Ellis Island:The Dream of America by Grammy winning composer Peter Boyer. Produced and conducted by Music Director Amy Andersson. Ticket details and more to follow.