Concerto for Soprano Saxophone, Vibraphone, and String Orchestra

Composed in September, 2016


Based in part on the music of Brazil

I. Proclamation
II. Canción del Corazon (Batucada)
III. Congo-Angola, for Dandalunda

Congo Angola, for Dandalunda is an ancient religious song from the Congo Angola religious cult of Central Africa. The thematic material of this song was adapted for use in this concerto movement.

African religious music is a major part of Bahia, one of 26 states of Brazil. The religious traditions of the Congo Angola cult of western Central Africa, which is an integral part of the Bahia culture. Bahia is often spoken of as the “Rome of the Africanos”.

A principal of belief system of all of these groups is that the “destiny of the Universe is in the hands of deities that are everywhere the same, though the names they bear vary from region to region and from people to people according to the language that is spoken. The destiny of man, who is but a modest part of this Universe, is ruled by the same gods……” by Melville J. and Frances S. Herskovits